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Madagascar Uncovered

Madagascar specialist Sam recently returned from a trip through Madagascar, where she captured breathtaking photographs of the local people, the friendly lemurs and the varying landscapes.

Story by Audley Travel August 30th, 2016

by Sam K., Madagascar and South Africa specialist

anjajavy private nature reserve

Anjajavy Nature Reserve is located on Madagascar’s northwest coast and can only be reached by air. There is an abundance of wildlife here, from lemurs to chameleons, and is best experienced on a guided nature walk. The scenery is pristine and stunning, from white sand beaches to Tsingy limestone formations, and during my visit I was even able to have a private picnic on the beach.

Anjajavy Village
Anjajavy sunset
Location of my private picnic in Anjajavy
Mangrove near Bakuba in Toliara Madagascar.JPG
Kids anajajavy Village_web.jpg

isalo national park

Isalo National Park is best known for it’s varied landscapes, from sandstone formations and canyons to waterfalls and vast grassland.

Cascade de Nymphes, Isalo National Park
Grounds relais de la Reine, Isalo National Park
Isalo National Park
Piscine Naturelle, Isalo National Park
Relais de la Reine, Isalo National Park

mandrare river camp

Mandrare River Camp is located on the banks of the Manampanihy River in the Ifotaka Community Forest. The remote Ifotaka Forest is protected by the local and traditional tribe of the Antandroy Tribe.

Mandrare River Camp, Ifotaka Forest
Mandrare River Camp cross to Sacred Forest
Mandrare River Camp
Mandrare River Camp
Mandrare River Camp, Ifotaka Forest
Mandrare River Camp crossing


Anakao is a fishing village that is best reached by boat. The remote location has made it virtually untouched and it’s natural beauty remains unaffected by the modern world.

Our captain helping out fellow boats
Local child at market in Anakao Fishing Village
Anakao Fishing Village
Handmade Pirogue in Anakao
Anakao Village from the top of the sand dunes

lemur spotting

There are many places throughout the country of Madagascar to spot lemurs. The seaside village of Manafiafy is home to five species of lemurs; the collared brown, southern woolly, brown mouse and fat tailed dwarf lemur. Spotting a fat tailed dwarf lemur is especially exciting, as these are very interesting creatures. They are the only known primate in the world that hibernates, and they are the only hibernating animal known to fully fall sleep during hibernation.

Lemur Island was where the animal became friendliest - I even had up to four on my shoulders at one time. The small reserve of Lemur Island also protects the five different species of lemurs.

Leaving the market at Manifiafy Village
Manafiafy Village
Lemur Island
Lemur Island

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