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Life at Audley Travel

Story by Audley Travel February 25th, 2016

the best job in the world

Two years ago, Audley Travel opened its first US office in Boston, Massachusetts, carrying with it the company-wide belief that investing in the well-being and enjoyment of employees is necessary to maintain a successful business. Today, we are consistently growing and continuing to build a fun, innovative environment to cultivate the talents and passion of our team. From ski retreats and yacht parties to free work-out classes, competitive field days, bagel Fridays and weekly happy hours, the social side of Audley never rests.

With a team united by their shared interest in exploring the globe and a business culture that puts people first, the work environment at Audley Travel’s Boston office has earned itself many awards, from Boston’s Coolest Companies to Outside Magazine’s Best Companies Award.

Our country specialists are passionate about their jobs, and four of our Boston employees tell us about how they decided on Audley and what makes it so special.

Audley employees celebrating winning the "Coolest Companies" award
Audley explores Cape Cod
Audley enjoys an ugly sweater competition
Audley employees at the annual summer party

lauren b., Southeast asia specialist

My passion for Southeast Asia started at an early age when I first caught a glimpse of Thailand’s amazing temples on TV. This interest led me to study international relations at Simmons College while focusing on Southeast Asian politics and economics. I was able to explore Southeast Asia in depth when I studied abroad in Thailand, examining human rights issues throughout the region and learning from refugees and locals on both sides of the Thai-Myanmar border.

Before Audley, I was a pricing analyst at an energy brokerage, which is as boring as it sounds. I’ve always wanted to work in travel – my dad was in international business and traveled a lot when I was young, so I think that’s where it started. I eventually heard about Audley through a friend already working there. Though I’d really only worked in sales at a store, my friend made it sound like an amazing place, so I applied. The chance to visit my favorite region every year through Audley is a huge perk, and the people who work for Audley are truly amazing.

I’ve been interested in Thailand since I was eight, so getting to talk about Southeast Asia all day and share my passion with other people is amazing.

Lauren began working at Audley in May 2014.

Lauren on a fishing tour in Vietnam
Lauren in Thailand
Lauren cruising in Halong Bay
Lauren in Kuang Si Falls, Laos
Lauren in Vietnam
Lauren before zip-lining in Cambodia

michael m., latin america specialist

I’ve always loved exploring, whether it’s in my native region of New England or a new country. In 2011, I had the chance to travel to Costa Rica for the first time. Upon graduating college, I set off on another adventure, this time calling Thailand home. While there, I lived in a small town west of Bangkok and spent two years in the area teaching all ages and traveling throughout Southeast Asia.

After moving back home, I knew I had to find a job that would keep me excited. I searched for opportunities in travel, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon Audley. I’d never had any real sales experience, but I was attracted to Audley because of our shared passion for travel.

With Audley, I was able to return to Costa Rica and explore Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands as well. I now work with these diverse countries every day, and I love spending my days talking about travel and designing amazing trips for people.

Experiencing the diversity and warmth of people all over the world has always been one of the most beautiful aspects of travel to me, and being able to design trips for others to do the same is very rewarding.

The general workplace at Audley is also quite incredible. Not only am I surrounded by like-minded, energetic people throughout the work day, Audley also presents an incredible social atmosphere. Whether it’s hiking club, trivia nights, or just drinks after work, it’s a great atmosphere to be a part of.

Michael began working for Audley in November, 2014.

Michael with sea lions in the Galapagos
Michael exploring the wildlife in the Galapagos
Michael on an early morning hike on Isabel Island in the Galapagos

amanda p., australia & new zealand specialist

I grew up traveling with my family and developed a passion for exploring the world early on. I studied abroad in Barcelona, and went on to experience safari in South Africa, the Costa Rican rainforest and the markets of Morocco. I eventually fell in love with the gorgeous landscapes, active lifestyle and friendly nature of the people in New Zealand.

Before Audley, I got my degree in business management and was working as a Human Resources Coordinator for a non-profit company, but I always really wanted to work in any job involving travel. I used to think I didn’t want to work in sales because I thought I’d be horrible at it. But it turns out sales isn’t so hard when you’re selling something you’re excited about.

With Audley, I’ve had the chance to return to New Zealand and explore Australia. I love that I get to talk about my main interest – travel – all day long.

I love the atmosphere of Audley; I’ve never worked anywhere with such a great team environment, full of kind people who genuinely enjoy what they do.

Amanda began working for Audley in August, 2015

Amanda in Kangaroo Island, Australia
Amanda in Adelaide, Australia
Amanda in Sydney, Australia
Amanda in Kangaroo Island, Australia
Amanda in Wolgan Valley, Australia

matt m., southeast asia specialist

Upon graduating from the University of South Florida, I began my career in travel by working as a commercial pilot. After a while I felt I was beginning to miss exciting experiences on the ground, so I switched gears and began working in the student travel industry. My experience traveling in groups to Mexico, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic further ignited my interest in travel. Prior to Audley, I gathered a bit of experience in travel sales and advertising. I’d planned my own trips to Beirut and Dubai, and wanted to help others do the same.

For me, the new experiences and seeing all the things from my bucket list are what has always made working in travel so exciting.

I was lucky enough to come across Audley online, and I’ve loved every moment of it. After joining the company, I was able to visit some of the best cities of Southeast Asia, from Bangkok to Phuket. Creating memorable trips for clients is one of my favorite parts about being at Audley. In addition, it’s an extremely fun work environment, and each one of us has the opportunity to return to our country of expertise for at least two weeks every year.

Matt has been working for Audley for over 2 years and began in 2014.

Matt in front of the temples in Myanmar
Matt sampling tea in Chiang Rai, Thailand
Matt with tribal dancers in Thailand
Matt in Thailand

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