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Story by Audley Travel May 19th, 2014

You See More When You Travel #TheAudleyWay

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Audley connects discerning travelers to a deeper, more rewarding experience. Our certified Country Specialists know first-hand the best guides, food, lodging and local secrets to help craft a tailor-made journey just for you.

You’ll have a certified Country Specialist with you every step of the way who is an expert in all aspects of the destination you’re traveling to. Let us take you on a journey, traveling our way. Follow Patrick’s experience with Audley Travel to understand what it means.

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When Patrick first emailed Audley to learn more about tailor-made journeys, his Country Specialist called to find out more about his interests, past trips and preferred travel style.

Patrick expressed his passion for sea-kayaking and great outdoor adventures. For a fall trip he was seeking a cold-weather climate that he’d never been to before. Richard, his Country Specialist, immediately knew Antarctica, the Great White Continent, was the perfect destination.

Icebergs Antarctica.jpg


Richard worked with Patrick to create his custom trip of a lifetime.

He helped paint an honest picture of all the amazing experiences that Patrick could choose from: wander among a colony of emperor penguins, follow the footsteps of Shackleton the Explorer, marvel at hypnotic-shaped icebergs and watch wandering albatross circle his boat. He also added a kayak tour through untouched regions of the earth, where Patrick could experience the peace of complete silence. Richard recommended a smaller ship that provided more excursions and featured an itinerary ideal for whale watching and spotting the more iconic king penguins.

With all of his accommodations and flights booked, Patrick was almost ready to take off on this astonishing journey.

P.Antarctica.Gentoos waddling to and from the penguin colony(0000499656).JPG


As Patrick’s trip was nearing and the excitement building, Richard was always close by to answer any questions that arose and advise on some less obvious matters:

What should I pack? What will the weather be like? What type of camera should I buy? Will I have cell phone service? What food can I expect?
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Patrick arrived in Punta Arenas, Chile where he met the other members of his Antarctic Expedition. He flew over Drake’s Passage to King George Island as recommended to optimize his time and boarded the ship that would allow him to explore the Antarctic Peninsula for the next five days.

He became close friends with a few of the guides and fellow travelers, as they explored the breathtaking landscapes together. He could not believe how much fun he had with the penguins and snow shoeing across the barren landscape. His favorite part, though, was sea-kayaking past the icebergs, weaving through huge chunks of ice. Words cannot do that experience justice.

At his Country Specialist’s advice, Patrick booked several additional nights in Santiago to take in the sights, do a vineyard tour and visit the quirky artisan port town of Valparaiso. Richard booked his accommodations as well as set Patrick up with a local guide he had befriended on a previous trip to show him the highlights of the city.

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Talk about a trip of lifetime! Patrick could not wait to share his experiences and photos with all of his friends and family, as well as his Country Specialist Richard, who called post-trip to hear how everything went and relive his own excitement from past journeys to Antarctica.

The travel bug definitely bit Patrick. He’s already planning his next trip #TheAudleyWay thanks to a recommendation by Richard. This time he’ll be venturing to warmer climes just off the coast of Tanzania, known for its sensational beaches and spice markets…Zanzibar… and he’s bringing his entire family.

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